First Day of Kindergarten

 Today is Ava's first day of Kindergarten, and she could not be more excited. She is eager to get in the classroom and learn about anything and everything. As her mom, and being extremely hormonal due to pregnancy, this last week I've been a huge mess. I was pretty composed when I dropped her off, but   there was a few tears shed when I got in the car. She is definitely the more brave one out of the two. I can't wait until she's home and can hear all about her great first day. 

xo, Laila & Ava 

Bow: Gap
Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Alexander & Sophia 
Shoes: H&M
Backpack: Target

Mexican Summer

Last week we went on an end of summer vacation to Isla Mujures, an island of the coast of Cancun, Mexico. We heard Cancun is more of a party town so we wanted something a bit more family friendly with more Mexican culture. We loved soaking up the Summer sun right before school starts. I thought I'd do a little travel guide post for those of you insane enough to travel to a small island with two picky toddlers. By the way these are all iphone pictures:( I totally forgot to pack my camera.

what to pack

the plane- 
Duh! Wipes. Over ear headphones, a few books and maybe one coloring book and some crayons. I read a lot of blogs and talked to people about traveling with kids and they all said to pack toys and activities. I didn't want to worry about messes so I didn't take that advice. My girls were on their Ipads and they used the tv screens on the back of the seats that were loaded with movies and shows. 

the island-
Besides the obvious things like sunscreen and more wipes I would say bug spray.

where we stayed

We stayed in a two bedroom villa in the center of the island. We found it on [here] It had it's own private beach with kayaks, paddle boards, bikes, a movie theater, game room, and tons of beach toys for the girls. We chose a villa so we could save money by making breakfast at the villa. I was happy we stayed in a villa because the girls had more room to run around and the out door deck was amazing!

getting around

There are taxis everywhere in Mexico, so there's really no need to rent a car and drive in a unfamiliar place. We did rent a golf cart (which was highly recommended) to cruise the island. The island is only four miles long and about a mile wide and the roads are pretty narrow. The golf cart was perfect for exploring the little side streets. We loved the Caribbean feel of the colorful houses and shops.

what we did

We pretty much went to the beach EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We also went to an all inclusive park called garrafon park. There was snorkeling, kayaking, bungee cord trampolines, ziplines, and an amazing pool. Drinks and food we're included and it was only about $59 per person and kids are free! The island also has a sea turtle farm that we got to visit for just $3. After spending a few days on Isla we went to Tulum and saw the Mayan ruins there. Tulum also has some amazing caves with fresh water. We went to one and Maya loved swimming in the cenote and seeing all the turtle and bats.

where we ate

There were so many resturants I wish we could have tried all of them. We went to Mango Cafe because everyone and their dog recommended it. It definately lived up to its hype. We also had the best pizza ever at Oscar's Grill, crazy good tortas at El Verdadero, and great Mexican food with the coolest environment at El Patio. 

If you're ever in the Mayan Riveria take the ferry out to Isla Mujeres. You won't regret it!
xo, fiti

Summer Sales

We're approaching the end of the summer season. It seriously seems like summer just started! All of these summer/back to school sales are helping my sad spirit, though! A lot of our favorite shops are having big discounts on summer items to make room for their fall inventory!  I've seen some amazing new fall lines, but I personally can't let go of summer yet. We did the sale searching for you, so here is some of our favorite sales.

This Kawaii Ice Cream Tee is from Whistle and Flute and on sale for $10 off at $23!

Taylor Joelle Designs is having an awesome sale on select pieces! Check out their SALES tab!

Geo Fox Apparel is having a %40 summer sale!

Carly Megan Clothing is having a sale on their ENTIRE store! 

Sugar Lime Lane is having 40% off site wide.

Enjoy Essential has a 30% off sale.

Wild + Bear is having a tank sale!

There are lots more, so make sure to keep your eye out for your favorite shop's summer sales! 

xoxo, Delaney and Liam

Hat: Riot Kids
Tee: Whistle and Flute
Pants: Target (self cut)