dressed in denim

These past few years a denim button up has been a must have piece. I love how it has evolved from denim shirts to jackets and now to fun dresses. The thing that everyone loves about denim is that it goes with every color. You can do so much with these dresses, but I think putting them on a pair of sisters is the cutest thing ever! Old Navy is budget friendly and always has new, trendy styles. It's probably our favorite store. Go get your littles some cute denim pieces because they have a ton! 
xo, fiti

dresses: old navy
shoes: converse 
hat: h&m


Liam got a new hair cut and a new tee so of course that calls for a few photos. We love Geo Fox over here at The Little Lovelies blog. Their modern look and unique style really catches our eye and we can't get enough. Liam was lucky enough to be a part of their photo shoot in LA for their Fall/Winter '16 collection a few weeks ago. Keep you're eye out for that! It definitely lives up to their stylish reputation. 
xoxo, Delaney & Liam

"Dreamer" tee: Geo Fox Apparel
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Timberland

Taytum's Go-To Dress

Hello lovelies! So sorry we've been a little absent. I wanted to share with you guys Taytum's favorite dress at the moment. We have church every Sunday and that's usually the only day she will wear a dress, but she loves picking hers out in the morning. She has seriously picked this one three weeks in a row and cries when I tell her she should pick a different dress. It's handmade from a shop called Salt Cities based out of Utah. I say it all the time, but I love supporting family ran businesses; especially when their items are pure perfection like this dress. It's made of soft and stretchy material to move with this little girl. I love how we can dress it up or turn it into a tomboy look. She chose the hat today, so we added this cute jacket from Little Cottonwood and we got ourselves a perfect out-in-the-town look. 
Thanks for stopping by! 
xoxo. Delaney and Taytum


Dress: Salt Cities
Jacket: Little Cottonwood
Hat: Zara
Shoes: Old Navy