Growing and Sizing

I seriously have no idea how it happened; I swear it happened over night, but Taytum went from size 3T to size 5/6T within a week! I couldn't believe it, all of the sudden her clothes and shoes were too small. I used to be so conscious of her sizing; I would worry that her size was always larger than her average age size. Honestly, size doesn't matter at all. As long as she is comfortable, that is all that matters! It's not like someone is going to look at her tag and say "Oh my gosh! She's a 5T?!" Hopefully she understands that throughout her whole life. Plus side of growing out of her clothes? Mommy gets to go shopping! Now that she fits in the big girl sections, I'm having too much fun putting together outfits with these new items. Even though she looks so old, hopefully she can wear these pieces for a long time! I love the big shirt look; on me and Taytum! Gives her room to grow and shows a comfy look! 

Top: Zara
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Online


Mustard + Fur

  Fall has been good to us here in Southern Utah. The weather has been more than perfect and we are enjoying it as much as we can until the bitter winter hits. Fall fashion is my absolute favorite. I've said this time and time again, but I just love it. The rich colors, the layers, I love it all. This mustard dress is divine. It's from Koko & Jazz, I had mention them in a previous post {here} and I can't get enough of it. It's a great color, simple cut, and a fantastic dress to add fun accessories to. I added the fur vest for a little oomph and thought it was a perfect pair. The only little hiccup I had with this dress is that it ran a little small, so Ava won't be able to wear it for too long, which I'm disappointed about. If you do order this dress, I would suggest ordering a size or two bigger. I'll probably re-order this dress in a different size because I love it that much. Hope you all are having a fantastic fall season. 

xoxo, Laila 

{Outfit Details}
Dress: Koko&Jazz
Vest: Target (old)
Boots: Old Navy


68 Degrees

It's seriously 68 degrees here in San Diego and all I see are beanies, boots, and sweaters. I guess I'm not the only one itching for some fall weather! We love these distressed jeans from Love Sick Threads; add the cutest new long sleeve tee from Finomenon Kids and I'm one, over the top, excited mom. Both pieces are so easily paired. We'll definitely be wearing wearing both all fall/winter long.

Beanie: Kindred Oak
Gray Day Skinnies: Love Sick Threads
Plaid Shirt: Gap
Boots: Ebay-ed


little reader

maya is my little smarty pants. she loves to learn. her favorite place to go while indie is at school is mcdonalds haha and her second favorite places are the library or barnes & noble. they are perfect places to take your kid when the weather is freezing like it is out here. i love places that entertain my kids for free and when there's a starbucks that's a bonus. she can spend all day there picking out books for me to read to her. it was a little hard for her to find a new christmas book to take home. i love my little reader.

this kimono was perfect for summer and early fall and now that it's 26 degrees it's more for style. i put a thick warm top underneath and a chunky scarf on her for warmth. luckily for us we stayed indoors, so we didn't need to get all bundled up. stay warm!
xo, fiti

top + leggings: old navy
boots: hand me down
kimono: tillys
scarf: h&m


Sleeves + Skirts

Putting a girly skirt with a casual tee might seem like an obvious way to make an outfit more girly, but a lot of people are afraid to try! Something I've learned; have fun with your kid's outfits. Kid's can get away with so many things that adults or older kids can't. Taytum actually picked out this outfit herself. Her reasons are kind of funny.
Shirt: "My favorite sleeves, because they are so soft and comfy cozy."
Skirt: "Because I'm a princess"
Hat: "I'm like a boy, but it has flowers"
Boots: "I don't know? Cuz they're cute!"
This girl is such a character. I got to let you in on a funny fact about Taytum. She has a thing with sleeves. Ever since she was little itty bitty, she would reach up with her hand and feel under my sleeve. I co-sleep with her and she requests sleeves for me to wear to bed so she can fall asleep. When she is tired, cuddling, or even drinking from her sippy cup, she'll be reaching for your sleeve. "Oh! I love your sleeves!" Is a complement from Taytum. It's so funny to me and so odd to others. It's a normal scene in our house! 

Tee: C/O Stellar Seven
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Target
Hat: Tiny Whales


borrowed from the boys

we love shopping in the boys section. we always find the best blazers, sweaters, hats, and shoes there. don't get me wrong no one loves tutus more than indie, but every once in awhile we like to borrow from the boys like maya does. this is a fairly masculine outfit. it's kind of a classic boys look, so i loved adding some curly hair and a fun fuzzy crop sweater to mix things up and make it a little feminine. we're all about mixing feminine and masculine styles over here. i scored three of these fuzzy sweaters in different colors at the thrift store and i made this one into a crop top. they are perfect for the season. happy monday loves:)
xo, fiti

bowler hat: h&m
button up: ralph lauren
sweater: thifted
pants: h&m
 shoes: h&m


3 Going On 13

Um...Is it just me or does she look like she's going to go out with her friends to the movies on a Saturday night? Oh my goodness, she is growing up too fast. But you know what; I would never put her in something that she wasn't comfortable in. There are tons of items in her closet that are so cute, but she doesn't like them and I'm not going to force her to wear it. The same goes for all of us moms, I'm sure. I don't understand the statement of an outfit to be "too old" for a kid. I'm not buying her clothes in the juniors or adult section, so how would an outfit be too old? There is one plain and simple reason why I like to dress my kids in stylish outfits; because it's cute and fun! I'm not trying to make her grow up too fast, I'm not torturing her in her outfits; she's just a little girl feeling cute in her clothes and having fun showing it off (as you can tell in these pictures). She enjoys the compliments from mom and dad and polite strangers. Even at her young age, I can see her confidence blooming. You know the feeling you get when you look cute in an outfit? It's the same for a little toddler. I like to dress Taytum how I see her personality. I would describe this outfit as spunky, fun and unique; and that is so Taytum. I don't like the word fashion because it seems too high end for our little lovelies, thats why we like to use the word style. Let your kids pick their clothes and go out in their pajamas; we do it all the time. But there is nothing wrong with putting them in a fun, stylish outfit to go out in. She can run, jump, and play in this outfit. She can go on a date with dad in this outfit. There's never an age too young to express yourself through the clothes you wear. We do this blog to share our kid's outfits with other moms, to show their unique personalities, feature some of our favorite children's clothing shops, maybe even share inspiration for family pictures or an event. Last but not least, we do this blog because it's fun. Fun for us moms and fun for the kids. Anyway, enough with my rant. Have a great rest of your week!
XOXO- Delaney

Whole Outfit is from TARGET! 
(Target for the win)
Beanie: Kindred Oak