miss not so fancy

My little tomboy does not like wearing dresses. To be honest my little tomboy does not like wearing clothes. I try to put this girl in a more fancy outfit and she quickly finds a way to rip it up or stain it. She is my little ninja and a gorgeous dress and fur vest won't stop her from showing off her skills. But I know I'll keep trying to put cute dresses on her because just look how cute she is in them.
xo, fiti

dress: zara
vest: old navy


Big Sis.. Little Bro!

  I am not a patient person, and I'm not one to keep exciting news to myself. When I found out I was pregnant I was counting down the weeks until I found out what we were expecting. I'm super excited to announce we are having a BOY! I couldn't be more excited but, of course, we would have been excited no matter what we were having. I only have one brother, and the girl genes are quite strong on my side of the family, so I've been dying to have a little boy. 
  Ava has been going back and forth on if she would like a brother or a sister. She finally came to the conclusion that she wanted twins, so she could have both. When we told her she was going to have a brother, she was ecstatic. I don't think she really cares what she gets for a sibling, she is just excited she will finally be a big sister. 
  I'm excited that we will have another boy on the blog as well. Little Liam won't be alone with a bunch of crazy girls anymore. 

xox Laila, Ava + Baby Boy Talivakaola  

Outfit Details : Dress + Belt from Forever 21


Roman and Leo

I'm SO excited to introduce you to Roman and Leo; an Indiana based shop selling the most stylish boys apparel and accessories that will make your eyes bug out with happiness. Angela is the gorgeous mom behind Roman and Leo, named after her two adorable sons. I had to add this picture of them, aren't they just stunning?

Angela, myself and I'm sure a lot of other moms with boys, aren't fans of the big dumpster truck, dinosaur, multi colored tee you find in stores. Thanks to her, you can find unique and fashionable clothing for your little buddy all at one shop and kindly shipped to your door step. I'd also like to add, every piece in her shop is "Daddy Approved" by Liam's dad. Finally something we agree on;). I could seriously buy Liam's whole closet at her store.
We love this original tee that totally suites Liam along with these cute toddler sized aviators. We like this combo so much, we wore it a couple times this week. I'm officially obsessed with this store and want to share my new obsession with everyone! Thank you Angela, from all of us moms, for making our shopping experience so easy and convenient with a one stop shop! I'm so happy we found you:)
<:Liam and Delaney:>

Baller Shot Caller tee: C/O Roman and Leo
Aviator Sunglasses: C/O Roman and Leo
Shorts and Shoes: Gap


Backyard Shenanigans

Spring is here! Well, it's felt like Spring for awhile now here in San Diego and I can't complain. Just when you thought I would stop talking about weather on my posts, here I go, haha. Sorry, I just love it here! We recently moved into a home that's more kid friendly and it has made my life ten times easier. This is a little side view of our backyard and Taytum loves it. She tells everyone, even strangers, that she has a back yard. We've moved so many times, but this is our first home and we are so excited!
Anyways, Taytum is obsessing over this hat. She wore it almost every day last week, even to school. She looks so cute in it, I don't mind at all. It's hard to tell, but her top is a shredded, oversized crop top from Mag+Pie, one of my favorite shops to find original and adorable pieces.This top is perfect for Spring and Summer and can be used in so many ways! Her shorts are oversized from H&M which gave me a perfect opportunity to turn them into high waisted shorts. Thanks for taking a look, I hope everyone has a great week!
<:Taytum and Delaney:>

Hat: Moderne Child
Crop Top: Mag+Pie
Shorts: H&M


Hello Spring.. and Salt Lake City!

 The trees are blossoming and flowers are blooming, that can only mean one thing. Spring! Something that I have come to love and appreciate about Utah is the four seasons. Sometimes, winter like to rear its ugly head and take over spring, but this year we are in full bloom. It's so beautiful.
 As some of you know, we have made the move from St. George to Salt Lake. We are still in Utah, but we love being back up North. Ava is adjusting a little too well to the move. She started at her new school,  she's had playdates almost everyday, and she is constantly on the go. She is a little busy body. 
 We broke out the shorts and light knit sweater for this look. This is just a simple weekend look to welcome in the Spring. So.. hello sun, warm weather, and spring style. We are excited you're here! 

xoxo, Laila & Ava 

{Outfit Details} Knit Sweater: Gap / Shorts: Gap  / Bow: Gap / Shoes: Ebay


little red

Spring is here and we couldn't be more excited! With the gorgeous Spring weather comes cooler rainy days, so don't forget about your jackets just yet. A light weight fleece jacket is perfect for Spring weather. Capes are so chic. I absolutely love them. This one from American Apparel is perfect for a little girl because it's fleece so you don't have to worry about it getting dirty. I love this bold red for Springtime. It pops! Can't wait to see all those red tulips around town. 
xo, fiti

Cape: American Apparel
Top: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy


Cinderella Inspired

We teamed up with this cutie from What Anya Wore for this fun Cinderella inspired post. Cinderella's iconic glass slippers and blue gown were the inspiration for these casual, everyday outfits. I found this gorgeous powder blue coat at H&M and fell in love. I knew I wanted jelly sandals for Maya's glass slippers I just couldn't find a pair I liked. I'm still not totally sold on these, but Maya yelled, "glass slippers" when she saw them so I knew they were perfect. Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were making a live action movie. We planned a girl's day on Friday to watch it and my girls absolutely loved it. I was drooling over the costumes and wishing I could wear everything Cate Blanchett wore. We loved playing with Ms. Anya! Maybe a little too much because these too were running wild. To see more of Anya's Cinderella look and find out where you can get these items check her out on What Anya Wore.
xo, Fiti

Coat: H&M
Button up: H&M
Pants: Old Navy
Sandals: Gap