Casual Kids

Today we've teamed up wtih the adorable mommy daughter duo Sai De Silva and London Scout for our first blogger swap. Their blog Scout The City is all about Miss London Scout's style and adventures in New York. We love cool and casual outfits that are effortless. Denim tops, comfy leggings, and a pair of moccs are perfect for the upcoming fall weather. We love that boys and girls can rock this look! Be sure to check out Scout The City to see more of the fabulous London! 

See more of London's outfit HERE

Hat: Sly Fox Threads
Tee: Gap
Jacket: H&M 
Leggings: Sugarplum Lane Baby Boutique
Moccs: Freshly Picked  

Headband: Minou Kids
Top: Gap
Leggings: Petit Lem
Moccs: The Coral Pear


Back to Pre-School

  I can't believe today is Ava's first day of Pre-School. Well, it's the second year she is attending but I really can't believe I have a kid old enough to go to school. We went to her back-to-school night on Monday and she was so excited, she told me and her dad that she can't wait to go back to Pre-School, but by herself. She also said she can't wait to do Worksheets, but she doesn't like lunch. What a weirdo.. Lunch was my favorite subject. Ava loves to learn and do homework, one can only hope that that trend continues. It's COOL to be Smart. Here is just a little back-to-school outfit we put together. We are having a lot of fun seeing other trendy kids and their 1st day of school outfits. Have a great school year to all the little students out there.

xo, Laila

Jacket, Top, Pants : Gap
Bow: CottonOn Kids
Shoes: Burberry via Bloomingdale's


Dainty Lace

  I feel like Ava and I haven't posted in awhile. It's been crazy busy and we're trying to get back to a normal schedule before Ava starts school next week. This outfit was just a little easy outfit we threw together for a day of running errands. I love these lace shorts from Alexander and Sophia. They can make any simple outfit like this one look well put together and fun. They are also a great piece to transition into fall with. I feel like you could totally rock them with a cute pair of booties. Make sure to snatch these shorts up, they're definitely a must have and they're on SALE right now. Don't miss it. 

xo, Laila

P.S. Yes, her newest doll just had to make an appearance in at least one picture. ;) 

Headband: CottonOn Kids
Shirt: Target
Shoes: Old Navy 



The end of one season and beginning of another is my favorite time. I love the transitional period in between seasons. It's a time where you can mix up your wardrobe and wear your summer staples with the fall clothes you just can't wait for fall to wear. For example, this amazing aztec cape from Alexander and Sophia. This cape is definitely a fall must have. The cape paired with a pair of short shorts and a graphic tank makes for the perfect summer/fall outfit. Don't you just love Indie's Rebel Rebel tank from Young One Apparel? It's so comfy and we got it a few sizes bigger so it can be worn a little baggy. Indie is a brand enthusiast for Young One Apparel so stay tuned to see her rocking their fall collection! Oh, and I know you can't see her shoes, but they are just a pair of black ankle boots.

Be sure to follow Alexander and Sophia on their IG to see when their aztec cape is restocked!

Cape: c/o Alexander and Sophia
Tank: Young One Apparel
Shorts: Old Navy


Back To School

She's not really going "back" to school; this is her first year of preschool! She just turned 3, but she it totally ready. She is beyond excited! I'll probably cry on her first day. Ok, I'll be honest with myself, probably the whole week! I'm such a baby. I can't believe she is getting so old! I also can't believe we started this fun blog almost a year ago! I remember when my sister-in-law, Fiti, asked me if I wanted to join. Laila and Fiti were the originals and I jumped on board a month or so later. I used this same skirt in my first post! How awesome is it that it still fits? It's still my favorite skirt. I'll probably keep putting it on her until her booty shows. I remember I was so nervous about my first post. This is probably horrible to admit, but I feel like I know nothing about fashion. I honestly just put together outfits I think are cute, getting inspiration from other people, usually adults. Unlike Laila and Fiti, I don't know the lingo or terms. We have a little group text to get a hold of each other and I find myself googling words I don't know ALL the time. I know, I'm lame. That's why I was so surprised Fiti and Laila asked me to join, but I'm so glad they did! It has been so much fun and I love having these pictures to keep for memories. I also discovered my love for photography. I know I still need a lot of practice, but I love taking cute pictures of my kids. I've also met so many wonderful moms through this blog; I'm so grateful for their friendship! Thanks Laila and Fiti for rolling the dice and asking me to join this amazing adventure and putting up with my lack-of-fashion knowledge. Happy one year to us!!
XOXO Delaney

Top: Nordstrom 
Skirt: Janie and Jack
Sandals: Gap
Backpack: Roxy


Denim Jumper

I'm usually not a fan of overalls, but lately I've been dying to get some for my girls. I was in love with a pair from Zara, but it sold out during the summer sale. Luckily, I found these adorable heart & ruffle overalls at H&M. I love that the buckles are hearts. Little details like that had me drooling over these. The ruffles are in the perfect places and I just had to get this adorable top with ruffle sleeves. Hope you all have a great weekend with your littles:)
xo, Fiti

beanie: c/o young buck
top + overalls: h&m
sandals: old navy


Summer Rain

We have been having some amazing summer storms come through our town. It's been a really nice cool down after some intense heat last week. Even though this outfit isn't really rain friendly, it reminds me of summer rain; spontaneous, refreshing, free. This kind of weather makes me want to cuddle with my kids and watch movies. I love rain! Except when it interrupts our little blog shoots! The rain totally came down on us out of no where. I tried to get some decent shots, but the thunder was scaring her.  But the best part of rain is looking for the rainbow. I remember how magical rainbows were to me as a kid and I can see that same excitement with Taytum.
I'm going to jump subjects on your for a quick second. I just wanted to point out Taytum's floral headband. I bought it for an awesome $5 at H&M; thanks Fiti for the find! I know it's tempting to buy the handmade+expensive floral headbands from the online shops, but you can get the same look for a fraction of the price and you don't have to wait for it to be made and shipped to you! Same goes for a lot of items you find at your favorite IG shops. I've learned to search at your local stores like H&M, Target, and Old Navy to find clothing or accessories before you pulse buy online! It might save you a big headache and a few extra bucks! 

Floral Headband: H&M
Dress&Vest: Old Navy 
Shoes: Instagram Resale