Breakfast at Tiffany's

Today's post was inspired by one of my favorite movies Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn is a style icon and I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom adores her. We all know that amazing opening scene of Holly getting out of the cab and walking up to a Tiffany's in a gorgeous black gown. Like really, who sips coffee and eats a pastry in a gown and statement necklace like that! Only Audrey. This is a children's fashion blog, so there will be no black gowns on this post. Instead this is our casual, more kid friendly take of that classic scene. Boyfriend jeans and chucks are the ultimate comfy clothes, plus they're so effortless which was totally Holly Golightly's style. The jacket reminds me of a classic chanel tweed jacket. I just had to add it and a statement necklace to class up the whole casual look. I also had to skip on the coffee and pastry because that shirt is white and we all know what kids like to do when they wear white.
xo, fiti

sunnies + necklace: old navy
jacket: target
tee: online shop
jeans: hand me down
chucks: ossines 


Little Adi + Co

Little Adi + Co is one of the first shops I came across coming into the Instagram/online shop world about two years ago. I immediately fell in love with their style and have been hooked ever since. They started as a boy shop, but quickly grew into one of the trendiest unisex shops out there. Adrianne Betz, designer and founder of Little Adi + Co, is the mommy genius behind this brand. I'm all for comfort and style and that's what Little Adi + Co is all about. Their wide variety of items always gets me coming back; from tanks/tees, soft drop crotch bottoms like the ones Liam is wearing here, founder of the original bummies, things for baby, and even some tees and tanks for mom.
Thanks Adrianne, for your unique and one of a kind items; we love them! Make sure to check them out on Instagram (@little_adi_co) for updates, news and discounts!
XOXO: Delaney + Liam

Tee: The Mag Pie Company


miss trendy

This is one trendy outfit little m is wearing. Why not wear all the funnest trends in one day? We love our graphic tanks, high waisted shorts, kimonos, and those gladiator sandals we're seeing everywhere. This is just a laid back and cool Spring look for any girl. Hope you have a fun filled weekend with your lovelies:)
xo, fiti

kimono, shorts, tank: target
sandals: hip 'in kids


Featured Littles: Helen + Lofia

This month our featured littles are sisters Helen + Lofia from Australia. 
Be sure to follow their IG @cilla_88 to see more of this stylish pair. 

Hey lovelies! My name is Priscilla and we are so happy to be featured on this cool blog. We currently live in Sydney, Australia and my girls and I love kids fashion. I love to dress my girls up and I would use any excuse to go shopping for them. Having two girls can get a bit pricey so we love finding affordable, comfortable and stylish kids clothes. Some of the shops we love to shop at are Target. Bardot Junior and Cotton On Kids.

This is my youngest Lofia. She just turned 7 and loves to wear dresses especially with tulle. She's the little fashionista of our family. Lofia loves styles from girly princess looks to pretty girl swag. She's fun, independent and also very competitive in sport. She does swimming, plays club netball and is also learning to play the violin.

Dress @designerkidzmelbourne

Dress @taylorjoelldesigns, Shoes @target, head piece @collette

Top @target, Jacket @bigwaustralia, Jeans @kmart, Shoes @bettskidsshoes, beanie @cottonon, glasses from markets

This is our eldest Helen 9, she also loves to dress up but isn't that much into taking pictures, so yes I bribe her to get some snaps. She's confident, sociable and is very close with her Nanna. Helen also plays netball on the weekends and loves to sing.

Jumpsuit @allyfashion, Headpiece @collette

Helens Dress from a street store in the city, shoes @ windsorsmith 
Lofia play suit @bigwaustralia by petermorrisey, Shoes @bigwaustralia

Lofia dress @guess, shoes @footlocker, glasses @factorie 
Helen Dress @target, shoes @target, Bag @sportsgirl, Glasses @target 

Thank you for reading 


Fierce + Five

  This girl is turning 5 years old this week, and I'm kind of freaking out about it. I have no idea where time has gone, but I feel like it was just yesterday I was holding my precious 8 lb. 6 oz, bundle of joy. She has been the greatest blessing, and it's been so fun to see the world through her curious eyes. Here are 5 facts you may not know about Ava..

- She can eat a whole watermelon by herself, if I let her.

- She loves to read anything + everything. Literally EVERYTHING.. books, street signs, billboards etc.

- She can be a homebody.

- She loves her baby brother so much already, and says he's her baby boy. 

- She loves to have her feet massaged.

  Ava picked this outfit out all on her own at her favorite store.. Nordy's. She practically begged her dad for her "beautiful" dress, and of course he caved. So hope you enjoy this outfit by the newest 5 year old on the block. 
Laila + Ava 

Jacket + Dress: Tucker + Tate via Nordstroms
Shoes: H&M
Purse: H&M 



These two are the best of friends lately. Liam looks up to Taytum so much and she looks after him. She's the Black Widow to his Hulk (refer to the new Avangers movie which is AWESOME), zombie to his zombie killer, kung fu master, wrestling partner, tough love racing competitor that will never let him win, and overall best big sister. The only thing I could think of to match with their outfit this day was their plaid shirt wrapped around their waist. I think this look is so cute, I hope it never goes out of style. Plus, it came in handy later that day because it actually got a little chilly and they ended up wearing them. PS Thank you to our friend Sean+ Gaby for sending Taytum this cute Mickey shirt!!:)
xoxo Delaney, Taytum and Liam

Top: Disney (Gift from our friend Sean)
Bottoms: Love Sick Threads
Plaid Shirt: Gap
Boots: Online

Tee: Gap
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Vans


simply black + white

I love that there are cute crop tops for kids. I remember my Grandma making my cousin and I little crop tops, maxi skirts, and shorts for our Summer play clothes when I was about Indie's age. Some people may think that crop tops are too old looking for kids, but those people must know nothing about childern's fashion in the sixties haha. This outfit honestly gave me a little flash back to my childhood, except Indie's black and white ensemble is a lot cuter than my aloha print outfits. She's also a lot more comfortable in a crop top than I was. Kids in the 90's wore t-shirts and shorts and I went to the park in a crop top and maxi skirt. I should have given my Grandma updated kid's clothing patterns for Christmas, but that's enough about me! I love a cute black and white effortless look. A simple crop top and maxi skirt are staples this Spring/Summer. This flowy eyelet top is great because of the simplicity and the gold buttons on the back are gorgeous. I hope my girls don't stain this top, fingers crossed!
xo, fiti

top: lilly pultizer for target
maxi: target