Common Kings

Only I would go to a concert, look at the performers outfit and wonder if I could pull it off on Liam. We went to see Common Kings on Valentine's Day in Las Vegas. The lead singer was wearing this outfit and as soon as I saw it, I thought, "How cute would that be on Liam?" Ha. I'm so lame. I didn't have a denim vest, but I did have a old denim shirt and just cut off the sleeves. If you haven't heard of Common Kings, you got to check them out!
xoxo Delaney + Liam Champ

Hat: Lids
Denim Shirt/Vest: Old Navy
Pants: H&M
Outfit Inspiration: Junior from Common Kings




This girl is unique and I love that so much. She might be a moody three year old that can't decide what she wants, but one thing she will never say no to is a Mickey shirt, unbrushed crazy hair, bandaids, oranges, and tattoos. I remember getting tattoos when I was little, but they were ugly giant roses and skulls you get in the little quarter machines. I absolutely love these easy on/off tattoos from Habitats. They are so much fun and unique. I'm about to put another order in so we can have more fun with these. They are seriously adorable. I love unique colors and designs, you can create your own ways! I put them on her wrist, a couple on her fingers like rings, and I was going to put the other around her ankle, but she suggested her thigh. I love letting her explore and expand her imagination. PS-Any fellow San Diego livers/goers? This was taken at Balboa Park, a must visit! So much to see, and plenty of photo-op spots! The Japanese Friendship Garden is gorgeous. 
xoxo-Delaney and Taytum

Hat: Tiny Whales
Tee: Old Navy (online)
Shorts: Love Sick Threads
Tattoos: C/O Habitat



Today we are so excited to feature a unique shop called Garabatisse. Garabatisse is an online shop based in Barcelona. We love the fun childlike designs. Garabatisse clothing is playful with an artsy twist! If you are looking for something different and stylish, yet comfy and everyday wear this is the shop for you! All of the clothing at Garabatisse is gender neutral, which is definitely a plus for mamas with sons & daughters. Garabatisse has a few two-toned pieces that are so cool and fun to style your little in. We hope you love this shop as much as we do! Be sure to follow Garabatisse on Instagram to keep up with everything! 
xo, fiti & delaney

headband: forever 21
denim button up: target
tank: young one apparel
leggings: c/o garabatisse
shoes: ross

Owl Shirt: C/O Garabatisse
Harem Pants: Two Little Kings

Beanie: C/O Garabatisse
Shorts: Gap


Cali Cub

I had to snag this shirt the moment I saw it. We've only been here for a year, but we are adapting to our new home. I really hope this stay lasts a long time! Not only is the term "Cali Cub" fitting, I love the unique print and colors on it; we can match it with anything. And who can say no to a v-neck on a little boy? Obviously not me. Also, please excuse my poor quality pictures. These are really driving nuts, I don't know why they keep turning out like this! I got to go take another photography class...Anyways have a safe weekend everyone!
XOXO Delaney and Liam
Beanie: borrowed by Auntie Kelsey
Tee: WeeStructed
Jeans: Love Sick Threads
Moccs: Minnetonkas


denim romper

This is the cutest denim romper from one of my favorite handmade shops Benny Begonias. I'm in love with the straps and pockets. Little details like that make simple designs interesting. The harem pant on the romper is also one of the details I love about this piece. Check out more of Benny Begonias handmade beauties at bennybegonias.bigcartel.com
xo, fiti

beanie: gift
scarf: h&m
top: old navy
romper: c/o benny begonias
shoes: ross


Throwback Thursday

This was one of my first posts with Liam! He was just learning to walk. Holy crap, I miss this age! My photography skills weren't the best, but this is one of my favorite pictures. I tried to do the same outfit for a little "Throwback Thursday" inspiration, but some things like this beanie isn't as cute on now as it was when he was little! I still have the same vest as well, but made the outfit a little more "toddler." I got to stop looking at old pictures; it's totally making me baby hungry!
<Delaney + Liam>

Vest: Target
Shirt: Gap
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Zara


a dark valentine

For Valentine's day I wanted to do an outfit that was more romantic and less festive. I'm in love with this velour blush dress. It's so simple and absolutely gorgeous. Being all about the romance on v-day flowers just had to be part of Indie's look. I like that the floral crown and black boots add a dark touch. To go with the whole dark thing, how perfect are the dead sunflowers and plants? I love these rainy, gloomy days that are usually ugly. They make for a dark romantic Valentine's day. Hope you all have fun plans for this weekend!
xo, fiti

floral crown: h&m
dress: koko and jazz
boots: old navy