the jersey dress

Hey there! It's been a minute or more like month, but we're still here. I've had this baseball jersey for over a year and it finally doesn't look like my five year old is drowning in it. This brings back memories of the basketball jersey dresses I used to wear in high school. Don't you love how fashion is recycled and elevated. The jersey dress is the perfect mix of femininity and street style. We were obviously inspired by Rihanna. Every bad girl needs a jersey dress and Indie's fiesty attitude to go with it. 
xo, fiti

beanie: borrowed from her dad
jersey: hip n' kids
chucks: ossines 

Sporty Girl

I love having a mini! Although all of her funny + witty personality comes from her dad, her style is just like mine. Gym pants and a tee, all day. This girl cries when she has to wear normal clothes, so a lot of my time consists of finding comfy things that she will wear that doesn't look like she wore them to bed the night before. It didn't take a whole lot of convincing for this outfit; a simple white tee, shorts (that have to have an elastic waist or she won't even try them on) and her running shoes. I see a lot of adult fashion bloggers rocking the baseball cap and thought it would be a perfect addition for this outfit. My little tomboy! 
xoxo, Delaney + Taytum

Tee, Shorts & Hat: Target
Nikes: Nordstrom Rack

s c h o o l e d

I love the whole school girl look. The skirt and knee high combine is one of my go to looks when dressing my girls. I'm always looking for pieces that can be staples for my kid's wardrobe and this suspender skirt is one of those. This is our take on a school girl's style. We just had to take a trip to our library to take these shots and after a whole ten minutes Maya needed a star bucks break. She used her allowance that she saved from last month to buy her own hot chocolate. She needs to stop growing! And I need to learn how to do my daughter's hair. I can't part their hair in a straight line to save my life. Don't judge me, I can barely curl my own hair.
xo, fiti

top: gap kids
suspender skirt: zara
socks: target
shoes: ross