I love white. I love dressing Ava in white. It's not always the smartest move, but there is something about a white dress or outfit that I adore. It's clean, it's simple and it's chic. That pretty much sums up my style in three words. I'm so happy that white is such a hot trend right now, and that rule of "not wearing white after labor day," is in the past. 

  This beautiful dress is from Angora Boutique, a great online shop full of gorgeous products for your little one. Ava is wearing their "Kellie" dress and I couldn't be more excited about adding it to Ava's closet. Ava definitely has an opinion when it comes to her clothes, and when she saw this dress she absolutely fell in love. She said, and I quote.. "This is my style." She loves white dresses just as much as her momma. If you're looking for great, quality pieces for you little ones wardrobe, definitely check out Angora Boutique. There are so many pieces that I love, and I know you will too. Also, they have their Fall 2014 collection out, and I definitely think it's worth looking at. 

xoxo, Laila 

Dress c/o: Angora Boutique


Featured Little: Anya

Hello Lovelies, my name is Tori from @whatanyawore! My daughter is Anya & she is 2 years old. She is a very spunky & sweet girl. She definitely keeps my husband & I on our toes and laughing all the time. She has had the softest soul from the very beginning & her kind heart blooms more and more every day. As much as I dress her up she is a tom boy! Her sports-loving daddy, Pierce is a little bit happy about that. :) We are so in love with this beauty, she has made life so much fun!

Years prior to Anya being born I have always loved fashion & styling myself and other people. I started hoarding clothes for this babe long before I had her - can you say obsessed? :) When I found out I was having a little girl I knew my shopping habit was going to increase, sorry to say for my husband! Haha. Our style ranges from vintage to designer. I am obsessed with Zara, Baby Gap, H&M, of course Target (for a good steal), local childrens boutiques & even thrift stores. I also love to support handmade and instagram is full of shops that have the most unique, beautiful pieces!

Here are some of the looks Anya has sported recently:

pineapple top & leopard leggings: H&M, lace kimono: Target, moccs: Freshly Picked, sunnies: Gap & gold hair bow: Forever 21. We are definitely fans of gold & neutrals around here.

 gingham button up: Target (little boys section), shorts: Target, blazer: Old Navy (old), flower crown: Forever 21, moccs: Freshly Picked. She reminds me so much of Mason Kardashian in this one! Haha!

this one is an oldie, but definitely a goodie! By far one of my favorite outfits she has ever worn, we got so many compliments on this one! black t: Target, cardigan: Nordstrom (old), cat leggings: H&M, boots: Ebay, but the brand is Smoky Mountain.

CĂ©line inspired tee: @fashionkidstore on Instagram, fur vest: thrifted, but it is Gymboree, boots: Ebay, but the brand is Smoky Mountain, shorts: thrifted & I distressed them, and the brand is Wrangler, sunnies: Ebay. The double "Miley Cyrus" buns is one of the best hair styles I like to do on her, because I think she looks edgy & stylish, but still 2 years old.

"Zou Bisou Bisou" (oh, kiss kiss) top: Camp Moxie, shorts: @lovesickthreads on Instagram, vest: Old Navy, sunnies: Ebay, gold headband: American Apparel, high tops: H&M. I really love how handmade the main parts of this outfit are. Supporting shops who put their hard work & love into the product is one of the most fun things about dressing Anya!

As you can see we really like to mix it up! I try to branch out and be daring because that is what style is all about. I often check in unexpected places like the boys section & the womens accessories because sometimes the cutest things are found there!

Thank you for reading & to all of our followers, we love you! Be sure to keep up on What Anya Wore for daily outfits on Instagram!
xox, Tori & Anya



I love when I scroll through the items of a shop and I adore every single piece. That's exactly what happened when I came across Moderne Child Shoppe. I wanted every single thing she had! Does anybody else pack their shopping cart with everything they want, then look at it and think, "Shoot, I gotta narrow this down a bit so my husband doesn't get mad." Just me? Maybe I don't like when I like everything in a shop; it makes it harder to choose! ModerneChild is a new online shop ran by Kim, a beautiful mother of two little girls and fellow fashion lover. Her style is a lot like mine and how I like to dress Taytum. When I read up on her shop under her "About Us" tab, I love when she said, "We just want to be a small part of helping your child see their beauty by building their inner confidence through their outer style." Feeling good in what you wear can totally help your self confidence. I hope that my daughter can express her style and confidence through the things she wears, even at the young age of three! She just had her third birthday this week and ModerneChild's Paige Jean Tutu Dress was the perfect piece that I thought totally fit my daughter and her personality. It's perfect for an outside summer birthday party, a casual play date, or even an upscale event. It's so perfect, unique and elegant. Check out ModerneChild and all their fashion forward, fun and functional items for your little girls! Make sure to follow them on IG @modernechild and FB for updates, new arrivals and more! PS: Sorry for the overload of pictures, I just love this dress so much!
<XOXO Delaney>

Paige Jean Tutu Dress: C/O ModerneChild Shoppe
Headband: Borrowed by Aunty Kelsey
Boots: Payless


Graphics + Florals

i don't think your kid can have too many graphic tees. graphic tees seem to be piling up in their dresser as of late. probably because they look great with anything. like literally anything, even a pair of floral play shorts. i love dressing maya in a sort of tomboy chic style mixing typical "boy" clothing in with her more feminine pieces. it fits her personality so well. 
ps. sorry for the grumpy model. she was so not feeling the camera. 
xo, fiti

headband: Miss J Handmade
tee: Hatch For Kids
blumes: c/o Tippi
knee highs: Target
chucks: Ossines


Street Style

I need my husband to take pictures with me more often! Champ was loving the camera today. While I was thinking of an outfit to do for today's post, I realized I haven't used this tee! It's one of my favorites; Champ wears it all the time. He is wearing a few of our favorite brands; Sly Fox Threads, Tiny Whales, and Curly Q's Counter. This outfit is something I would put him in if we are going out to do something like go to the gym or to the store (which is all we do). Taytum's birthday is tomorrow, so we are going to be out all day today running errands. Every year, I lead a trail of balloons from her room to our living room that is full of balloons and her presents. She loves it. Taytum and Liam were born on the same date, the 15th. So happy 3rd birthday to Taytum and happy 19 months to this stud!

Hat: Sly Fox Threads
Tee: Tiny Whales
Jeans: Curly Q's Counter
Backpack: San Diego Zoo


Dinner Date

  One thing I love about living in St. George is that it's the half way point for my family if they're either coming from Salt Lake or Southern California. We get a lot of visitors that pass through here, and we love catching up with them. Last night we met up with some family from California to have a quick bite to eat. This is just a fun little outfit I threw together for the occasion. The scarf was a little much for this Southern Utah heat, so that accessory didn't last long. If you look close enough you can see some Disney Princesses' make an appearance. Hope everyone is have a fabulous summer! 

xo, Laila   

Entire Outfit from Old Navy
Purse: c/o The Playdate Shoppe 


Be Kind Movement

I'm a sucker for a cute graphic tee. Add an uplifting message and I'm sold. I love Be Kind Movement because it encourages kids to be nice to one another. With all the bullying and negativity on social media it's nice to see a online company that wants to spread kindness. They are spreading kindness in style! I love the message on this tank, make waves be kind. It's such a simple message and it effects others in a big way. Every time Indie or Maya wears this tank people read it and smile. Being kind is something so many people forget to do, so it's nice to see little kids running around reminding them:) Follow Be Kind Movement on Instagram for their latest deals and new products!

Indie hardly ever wears shorts or pants or sneakers. She's more of a dresses and skirts kind of girl. I thought it would be cute to show a sporty outfit for little girls. Something they can run and jump in. Tanks and shorts are the perfect sporty combo, throw on some nike air max shoes and a headband to hold back that hair and your little girl is ready to play.
xo, Fiti

Turban: Wild and Whimsy
Tank: c/o Be Kind Movement
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Nike Town