A "Friendsgiving" Feast

We had a little "friendsgiving" feast to celebrate Thanksgiving with our besties. It was super last minute, but our littles had so much fun. Instead of a full on Thanksgiving feast we opted for a more kid friendly menu of sugar, turkey and more sugar. I think we'll make a tradition out of this! And fyi if you ever decide at 8pm on a Sunday to do a dinner party on Monday go to Target. The dollar section has everything you need. Also, walking around your back yard works too for last minute decor;) We hope you guys are enjoying the holiday with your loved ones! 
xx, fiti

Dad's Style

Liam's daddy has been begging me to do an all black outfit on him for awhile now and the weather finally let me pull out this leather jacket from last year, so here it is. This outfit is totally dad's style, especially the added chain thrown on last minute by you-know-who. We had a lot of fun changing up his look a little and Liam willingly wore it all, happy to dress like daddy. Notice his collection of pinecones and rocks; he was pretty proud of that, too. Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Delaney + Liam

Hat: Riot Kids
Leather Jacket + Pants: H&M
Boots: Target

Lacey Lane's Emmie-Belle Dress

My little girl is such a tom-boy, but there's something she can't resist; a beautiful dress. She instantly fell in love with this one (so did mom!) and wanted to put it on right away. I loved the way the dress makes her feel; she was seriously glowing and so confident with every nice comment she got. I tried to capture the sweet details of this dress, but you have to see it in person. We love the unique fairy sleeves, golden detail, white lace trim, and elastic + adjustable back. This summer dress can be turned into a fall outfit; it can be worn either way! There is a special story behind this dress; read all about it on their website, Lacey Lane, and find out how the purchase of this dress can help a foundation called AEIOU, supporting children with autism. 
We've been following Lacey Lane on Instagram for awhile and drool over all their pieces. They have so many items for your little girl. They also cary adorable hair accessories like the bow Taytum is wearing. They're located in Australia, but if you're from the states like us, they ship world wide! You NEED to check out their website; I promise you will find something perfect for your princess. We can't wait to see our friends Ava, Indie, and Maya in their Lacey Lane items. Keep a look out on the blog for more from one of our favorite shops!
xoxo, Delaney + Taytum

Dress + Bow: C/O Lacey Lane
Boots + Cardi: Target