a Parisian brunch

Today is Maya's 3rd birthday! It's crazy how fast time goes by. I know every parent says that, but for real, it's too fast. Over the weekend we celebrated her birthday with family. We did a little Parisian themed brunch. It was way different than my family's usual chicken, beef, pork, more chicken, and rice menu, but I think it turned out great! I wanted to take pictures of Maya in her cute little striped dress and French beret. She had other plans and would not let me take her away from all her cousins. Even though I didn't get the best pictures of her party it was everything I planned it to be. Well everything but my letter M that looked like an H. Oh well, I'm no Martha Stewart.

Anyway, here are 3 things I love about my little m

1. She's smart. It's a good thing and a bad thing. She loves learning, but learns everything and most of the time she's a smart ass.

2. She is obsessed with plush dolls. She has to sleep with a teddy bear, stuffed animal, or any doll. She takes them everywhere.

3. She's my sour patch kid. I've been calling her this forever. She does the meanest things then when she sees that your hurt or sad she'll kiss or hug you or she'll give you something to make you feel better. She's straight up sour and then so sweet.

 beret: ebay
coat: hand me down
dress: old navy
leg warmers: baby leggings


Terrible Two's

Holy CRAP. Taking pictures of this two year old is the hardest thing EVER. So please excuse the poor photos. It's seriously a work out just to get him ready to leave the house. Mr. Independent doesn't take no for an answer and never sits still. I'm sure all of us moms can relate, but in my experience, boys are so much harder! So much more stubborn and so much more...messy! He sees me cleaning and I swear he thinks in his head, "Nut uh, moma. Not while I'm awake!" And just destroys every room in our house. Anyway, it's not easy to get him dressed and shoes are by far the hardest for us. He has chubby ankles so high tops are a no-go; he also has his dad's wide finger toes, so I have to get shoes a couple size bigger just so his long toes won't be squished. Just when I thought I had to give up my love for high tops, I found these. The first high tops that don't bother him! Sorry I couldn't get a close up of them, but the laces are elastic and the top has velcro; genius. We found them at Old Navy. If your little boy, or girl, has "poly feet" like Champ does and you love high tops as much as me, this shoe is the answer to your prayers. 
xoxo-Delaney + Champ


 Hat: Gap
Sweater: Stellar Seven
Pants: Target
Shoes: Old Navy


cropped chambray

Crop tops have been in for a minute now and to be honest I hope they stay a little longer. I love the look of a high waisted anything paired with a crop top. I know you're thinking cropped what! in the winter! But cropped jackets are actually way cute and can be paired with jumpsuits or warm tops like I did with Indie. When I saw the adorable chambray cropped jacket from Baby Boosh I was sold. It's so versatile and the studs are perfect! As many of you know right now all the stuff on the clearance racks are Christmas leftovers and Summer items that you don't need in winter. I found these floral shorts for $7! The colors are great for winter so I had to layer them over some thick tights. I could have totally added a parka or some long coat but lucky for us it wasn't too cold out. Layering is so fun and probably my favorite thing about living in such a cold place. 
xo, fiti

Jacket: c/o Baby Boosh
Turtle Neck/ Shorts/ Tights: H&M
Boots: Ross


zig zag dress

I'm in love with this zig zag dress from Kana. Kana is a children's clothing line inspired by the New York City lifestyle. I love the classic silhouette but the dress has a fun trendy pattern with solid sleeves to make it more interesting. I also love the ruffle detail in the back. Kana is filled with so many pieces that are chic but still on trendy and artsy. Playing with patterns and textures can be so fun when you're dressing your little one, which is why I added the polka dot tights. It's cute and so girly. If you're looking for clothes that are stylish but still kid friendly Kana is definitely the spot! 
xo, fiti

Dress: c/o Kana
Tights: Old Navy
Boots: Ross


High Low Sweaters

Tenny's football season is finally over and we are enjoying some free time with family and friends in Utah! The temperature change is pretty crazy! I feel spoiled to live in sunny San Diego. I did miss, though, the perfect sweater weather! I love high lows, on myself and Taytum. I found this one at Gap in my hometown of St. George, Utah. Mustard is one of my favorites and probably will be for a long time; you can use it all year round. It's hard not to notice her jeans; they are from Love Sick Threads. We are so lucky to be brand reps for this awesome shop! Check out their shop for all kinds of rad jeans!
||Delaney + Taytum|| 

Sweater: Gap
Jeans: Love Sick Threads
Boots: Cotton On Kids
Beanie: Dad's


Featured Little: Jaidyn

Hey Loves! We hope you're enjoying your new year so far. We want to share with you all our first Featured Little for 2015. He's a little fashionisto that is killing it! Be sure to follow him on IG at @jv_stylz Here's a bit about him.


Hey guys! 
I just wanted to reach out and let you know a little bit about me. 
My name is Melanie, I'm 22 years old and I currently reside in Chicago. I'm the mother and stylist if the 5 year old fashion guru Jaidyn! 
When I'm not snapping pics of Jaidyn I'm going to school and completing my nursing degree. 
Living in chicago makes it convenient to shop local stores and get inspiration for Jaidyns next look. Children's fashion is slowly gaining more and more attention in main stream culture so I shop at stores like Nordstrom, Zara and J. Crew to piece together outfits for my son. 
We were recently featured in People en EspaƱols "Kids with style". 
Jaidyn has truly been a blessing and no matter what we always remain humble and jump on opportunities that come our way!

 Vest: Eliza Lu Clothing
Blazer: Calvin Klein
Pants: Zara Kids
Boots: Amazon
Glasses: RayBan

Shirt and Pants: Hi Future Clothing
Shoes: Jordans

 Button down: Gap
Sweater: Target
Under Button up: Next Clothing
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Converse (mom did the studs)

Suit: Zara Kids
Bow Tie: Crew cuts
Button Down: Calvin Klein

Sweater and Pants: H&M
Shoes: Dr. Martens
Button Down: Gap


leather + leopard

  It's finally the weekend! This week was the first full week back for many of you, including our little family. For Ava, it was back to school, gymnastics and ballet. She was getting a little stir crazy, so she's happy that she's back to her regular schedule. 
  We are following Liam & Maya's leather trend, because we too are obsess with it. These leather leggings, are Everything! I love them, and even though they take a little work to get on to the booty, they look amazing. Ava even loves them. We've been wearing them so often, we will definitely be getting another pair soon. Pairing the leather with the leopard print booties makes for a fun, yet put together look for a weekend full of activities. 
 xo, Laila 

Head to Toe look c/o The Playdate Shoppe