rompers + chucks

Kids need to be in comfortable clothing to have fun. Stylish, comfortable clothing is a necessity for this mama. Maya has a few go to pieces that I'm constantly washing because she wants to wear them so much, and her rags to raches rompers are definitely in that group. Her rompers are her go to outfit! It's so fun to watch her pick out what she wants to wear because I know she'll pick a rags romper! Rags to Raches has the most comfortable and stylish rompers for littles. I love the tank rompers for Summer because they are light weight and colorful. Pair these rompers with your favorite chucks and you have the perfect Summer play outfit. We're ready to head to the park for picnic! Make sure you check out rags to raches to snag one of these adorable rompers. 
xo, fiti


Sunday Dress

I've probably already done a post about Sunday dresses, but I just have to share when I find a good one! I love a simple yet elegant piece that can be worn alone. The golden zippers, bow, texture, perfect shade of lavender and sleeveless style makes for  the perfect summer Sunday dress! It's currently on sale on the Kardashian Kids line from Toys R Us! Only $17.98. It's a perfect piece to your daughters closet. We hope everyone had an awesome and safe 4th! PS. This girl turns four this month! So crazy!
xoxo, Delaney + Taytum

Sandals: Target


Featured Littles: Jaiden + Aiva

Before this month ends, we are super excited to introduce our June Featured Littles! Another fashionable brother and sister duo, Jaiden and Aiva. We are so excited to have them on our blog! You might recognize these adorable faces from their mommy's own kids fashion blog on Instagram; @kidzootd and her personal account @littleman_littlemiss. We love following her accounts and getting ideas from her kids and the kids she features! A big thank you to their mother, Nadine, for taking the time to share her cute kids and nieces with us!! 
xoxo, Delaney, Fiti and Laila

"Thank you to the little lovelies team for giving us this opportunity to share our fashion styles with you all!

My name is Nadine I live in the UK and I am a mother to a young man Jaiden (11yrs)and little diva Aiva (3 years).
I love children's fashion and run a fashion blog on Instagram called @kidzootd - kids outfit of the day. The page was created to inspire followers, introduce them to shops worldwide and to keep them up to date with what is trending on the children's fashion scene. The hashtag #kidzootd was created by myself and has now been used over 450k times! I love so many styles I see and the kids now a days are soo trendy !
With doing this I thought I'll also share my own children's outfits and my adorable little nieces - IG page @littleman_littlemiss.

Here's a few of my favourite looks.
Street and sweet

Aiva is actually really girly. She loves anything to do with princesses and barbies and would wear a glamorous dress everyday if she could haha. She does attend nursery and we do enjoy active play so a dress isn't always on the cards. I love urban stylish streetwear and here's how Aiva rocked out in the trend.

My favourite shop at the moment for both of my children is River Island. I have always been a fan of the shop and brought most of my clothes from there so when they introduced the RIkids range I was so excited !
Mini fashionista

Here Aiva is wearing blazer,shorts and shoes from River Island and tee from IG shop - @privilegdedclothing

Same blazer different colour from River island and yes they also have the cutest little bags, she has more bags then me!

I do shop at a range of places but I am more a retail shopper then online as I like to see and feel garments first.
My children's wardrobe consist of items from the supermarkets, especially for nursery and messy play, high street brands such as Zara,h&m and of course River island and they do have some luxury designer wear such as Burberry, Gucci, young Versace and Little eleven for more special occasions.
As my son gets older he is now more into sportswear and I usually buy him tracksuits
from sportswear shops such as Nike and Adidas.

Jaiden is wearing outfit from river island and shoes from H&M

With working on @kidzootd I have meet many amazing shops owners and received wonderful items and not one has been of poor quality!

To finish off I would like to share a few pics of my daughter and nieces as they are similar ages I love to match them together.

Thank you again and for more information on outfit details and the shops found via Instagram check out my IG pages @kidzootd and @littleman_littlemiss


evening dip

Summer evenings are one of the best things about Summer time. Right when the suns about to go down is a great time to take a dip in the pool. It's still warm outside and the sun isn't beating down on you. If you can't tell by now I'm kinda obsessed with black and white. Don't get me wrong I love color, but I tend to buy black and white way more. Another thing I'm into is buying items both of my girls can wear. They are only 17 months apart so they can share some of their clothes. Unfortunately, like most sisters they know what clothes belong to who, so Maya threw a little fit when she saw Indie in her kimono and sandals. She insisted on wearing Indie's swimsuit to even it out.......Girls! Anyway, the only way to end a Summer night is with a good ol' marsh-mellow roasting session. We're hoping to have many more nights just like this one:)
xo, fiti


 hat: forever 21
kimono: target
swim suit: old navy
sandals: hip'in kids


Arrow and Lace Designs

One of my favorite things about having a girl is all the head pieces I get to choose from! I have always loved getting Taytum headbands and bows. Now that she is older, she's a little more (a lot more) picky about how she likes her hair and what she likes on her head. She's all about headbands, but they have to be loose and comfortable. I love these headbands from Arrow + Lace Designs because they are made from elastic and stretchy material; they're also adjustable! So instead of trying to guess the size of her head and worry about it not fitting right, I have one that I know will fit and can grow with her. These headbands can fit a newborn baby and even my big girl Taytum. I'm definitely keeping these for my next daughter. These two pictured are on sale for only $5! They also have more headbands, hair clips, floral crowns, bow ties and even dresses. Also, make sure to follow them on Instagram; @arrowandlacedesigns, and Facebook for sales, new releases, the cutest costumer photos and more! 
xoxo, Delaney + Taytum

Top: Zara
Shorts: Love Sick Threads
Shoes: Gap
Headpieces: C/O Arrow and Lace Designs


gingham style

So it's heating up and if your little is like mine, they're probably running around outside in their underwear. It's totally embarrassing and my neighbors are use to it because it happens so often. If she's not wearing a lightweight romper or dress she's too hot. These adorable gingham sun suits from Koko and Jazz are my absolute favorite. They come in a few different colors and the fabric is so breathable. Maya feels very comfortable facing the Summer sun in this number. I love gingham! It's one of my favorite Spring/Summer fabrics. When you're wearing it I feel like you need to be outdoors enjoying the weather. That's just because it's picnic blanket fabric. But, gingham isn't just great for picnics it's also great for Fall. Just put a top under it, add some tights and you're warm. Have fun playing outside with your littles!
xo, fiti

 headband: h&m
sun suit: koko and jazz
sandals: hip'in kids


4th of July

I know we haven't seen a lot of Taytum lately, this girl is being a little bum in front of the camera and is extremely picky about what she wears. She would be in her jammies all day if I let her! The 4th of July is quickly approaching and we couldn't be more excited. I love warm summer nights, ice-cream, fireworks and everything that has to do with summer. This outfit is simple, comfortable, but still fashionable. You really can't go wrong with an adorable white top and casual shorts. We used this headband in a post last year with the other girlies. With all our moving, I'm glad we still have it! We hope everyone is having a great summer so far:)
xoxo, Delaney + Taytum

Top: Kardashian Kids
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Minnetonkas