Featured Little: Asa

To end 2014 we chose one of our favorite Instagram fashionista as our December Featured Little. Her name is Asa and you can see more of her looks on her mommy's IG page here


Hi, my name is Jackie and I blog over at Hello Kids a fashion lifestyle blog. I have blogged on and off for six years now which started with me having a personal fashion blog until I had Asa then that all changed. As she got older and my styling for her changed so did my blog. I began documenting her outfits "little style" and I would throw in a few "what we wore" but mainly it was just a place for me to showcase her outfits. I don't have a specific style for Asa for I collect inspiration from fashion bloggers such as Aimee- Song of Style, Andy- Style Scrapbook and Sydney- The Daybook Blog. Which by the way this outfit is inspired by Sydney and will be doing a new post for our blog titled "mini muse." I absolutely love shopping for kids clothes and at times I'm jealous that it's not carried in my size. I'm not true to staying within the trends but when I find something I like I just buy it and pair it with whatever we have from two seasons ago. My favorite places to shop online are Zara, River Island and H&M and as for stores Target, Gap/Old Navy, JcPenny for Joe Fresh, and thrift stores I know your probably wondering why but let me tell you, you will find some amazing gems if you take the time to look such as vintage clothing. I also like to shop at Amazon, ebay and Aliexpress. Fashion has always been something I have loved since I was growing up and to share something with my daughter who may not understand it right now but she will have something to look back to when she's older.

Top/Knit Hat- Zara
Pants- American Apparel
Boots- Payless
Sunnies- ebay
Coat- Aliexpress


winter pastels II

so last year i did a post about wearing pastels in the winter and you can find it here. this year i thought i'd do the same thing, but dress it up a bit. indie is wearing the same plaid shirt from last year. everyone loves plaid in the fall and winter, but they usually pick red plaids. the thing i love most about this holiday season is the icy winter colors, so instead of red lean more towards lighter blues & pinks. the willow skirt from one of favorite shops A&S is a must have for every little girl all year round. it's perfect for spring and summer and looks great with sweaters and plaid button ups for the colder season. i hope you're enjoying the holiday!

 top: h&m
skirt: c/o Alexander & Sophia
chucks: ossines 


Holiday Favs from Moderne Child

Good morning! Before the holiday season is over,  we wanted to share with you some of our favorite holiday pieces from one of our favorite shops, Moderne Child! If you remember, we've done a feature on them before, but their holiday collection is just too good! These pieces are perfect for upcoming holiday gatherings, New Year's parties, or even worn all year round! They have so many dresses and accessories that are to die for. Do you live in or near the Chino Hills, CA area? Well your too lucky, because Moderne Child has opened its first store-front location partnered with Dela Boutique. Make sure you check out Moderne Child's website for all your little girl's holiday attire needs. Be careful, it's hard not to buy everything! Happy shopping:)
XOXO- Little Lovelies' Mommies

Moderne Child:
SHOP: www.modernechild.com
IG: @modernechild
FB: https://www.facebook.com/modernechild



 The holiday's wouldn't be complete without going to a holiday party. And with that you need the perfect party dress. Well, I think I've found it, for your little one that is. Ava and I love this dress from the Playdate Shoppe. It's a beautiful color, it holds it's shape really well, and it's a great material for those chilly winter nights. You can rock n' roll it up with a fun leather jacket, or keep it simple and classic like I've dressed it up here. We can't get over this dress, you should definitely snatch it up right in time for the Christmas party.  

Dress: The Playdate Shoppe
Bag: The Playdate Shoppe
Tights: Target
Shoes: The Playdate Shoppe  (20% off)


Effortless Style

Boys are so easy to style, it's just not fair! Whenever we go out as a family, Liam and my husband are always ready first. Why? Because they're boys and boys are so simple and easy. A couple go-to pieces I always put on Champ to make a simple outfit a little more stylish are his hats, moccasins, and now that the cooler weather has arrived, a scarf. His outfit here is so simple, but thanks to these key items, it is also stylish! What's not so easy, taking a pictures of his guy. Even harder with a fun playground around. He will find any puddle, jump and splash in it, dirt, or any nasty thing when we are outside. Boys will be boys and thats what washers are for; that's what I tell myself anyway. 

Tank: Gap (Thanks Cheyenne;)
Jeans: Zara
Scarf: Kindred Oak 
Hat: Lids


fuzzy sweaters + tutus

i snatched three of these cute fuzzy sweaters from a thrift store last month and have been in love with them. indie wore the blue one in a previous post here. they are perfect for this cold weather and go with pretty much anything. i love that my maya has been into tutus lately. little girls just look adorable in tulle. fuzzy sweaters and tutus are definitely going to be our go to outfit this winter. we were on our way to go christmas shopping when we took this pictures, then i realized maya has a great memory and won't forget about our shopping trip like indie would. so, we did all our christmas shopping online and it took a whole 30 minutes. i love the internet.
happy hump day!
xo, fiti

she wanted to leave so she pulled this face so i would hurry up and take pictures.

necklace: h&m
sweater: thrifted
tutu: h&m
socks: target
shoes: zara


Family pics + more fur

  The Christmas season is officially upon us, and we couldn't be more excited. Ava already has a long list of things she wants Santa to get her and continues to grow daily. With the Holiday season comes Holiday cards and family pictures. I love family pictures, I love looking back at past photos we've taken and seeing how much Ava has grown. This is just a little look at some of our pictures and what Ava wore. I like to keep family pictures pretty simple, and not do the whole matchy-matchy thing. I know Ava wore this fur vest in a previous post but this had to be included. It's definitely a favorite for fall. I love the way the pictures turned out, and would like to give a shout out to Cambria from For Keeps Photography and Film for doing a beautiful job. If you're in the Southern Utah area and need pictures taken, she is your girl. Hope you're all having a relaxed Holiday season and not going too crazy. 

xo, Laila  

Fur Vest: Target
Dress (technically a shirt): Crazy 8
Boots: Old Navy (old)