NYFW Inspiration

 So, it's my dream to one day go to New York Fashion week. But.. until that happens I will have to get my fashion week fix like the rest of America. I know, fashion week was like, so long ago, but it took me some time to find these pieces, and turn them into my own. Since NYFW was for Spring 2015, I decided to put a little fall twist on it. This great two piece set is from a fantastic Australian based Etsy shop The Deer and the Daisy. Their pieces are great, they are super easy to mix and match to make them work for any season.

xo, Laila 

My inspiration for this outfit is from Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2015 collection. Isn't it gorgeous?

{Outfit Details}
Hat: Forever 21
Cardigan: Alexander & Sophia
Crop Top & High Waisted Shorts: The Deer and the Daisy
Boots: Old Navy 
Bag: The Playdate Shoppe 


Serial Chillin

Liam and my husband just got home from a trip to Utah. I was so jealous they got to go home, visit family and go to a Utah football game. I packed Liam's clothes, I don't trust Tenny packing anything, but I didn't realize how cute this outfit is on! I'm surprised his outfit made it through a flight, but I'm glad it did. I added the suspenders and hat for the pictures, but I think this is the perfect chilling/traveling outfit. And just like every picture I take of Liam, he has to have a toy. This is his new favorite, but most annoying. He wouldn't take a picture without it, until I switched him with gum. Oh, the things I do to try and get a picture of my kids! 

Hat: Sly Fox Threads
Tee: Finomenon Kids
Pants: Cotton On


Gingham Dress

   I am in love with this dress. Gingham print is not only great for Fall, but it is a great transitional piece into Spring as well. I know we're just getting into the Fall season, but why not buy pieces that that are multifaceted? Anywho.. I first saw this dress on our friend Jackie's (@jsuchil353) little one, and I knew I just had to have it. I'm glad I went on the hunt, because the shop that carries this dress, Koko & Jazz, has quickly become one of my favorite online shops. {Btw.. Online shopping is dangerous} I've already ordered a couple more pieces, and I'm trying to refrain for ordering everything on their site. I'm excited to have this dress as one of Ava's go-to's for the upcoming Holiday Season. Make sure to check out Koko & Jazz, it's well worth it, trust me.

Happy Hump Day, 
xo Laila 

Hair clip: Cotton On Kids
Dress: Koko & Jazz
Best: Alexander & Sophia
Boots; Old Navy (old)


Girl with Sass

This girl is the sassiest girl I know. She has so much attitude and personality it drives her mama crazy. Every sassy girl needs a sassy outfit to match. I love "the purple ballerina" dress from A Lil Fashionista. It's cute all by it's self but it's simplicity gives you free range to add to it. Purple is one of Maya's favorite colors so girlfriend was thrilled to wear it. I added a fuax fur vest because it's a little cooler outside. Right now this cute little dress is on sale for only $9.99! Tutu's are everywhere this Fall so go get yours at a great price! 

Beanie: H&M
Dress: c/o A Lil Fashionista
Vest: Old Navy
Socks: Target
Boots: H&M


My Mom is a Blogger.. kind of.

  Weekends are for relaxing and fun. This outfit is all about comfort, and with the weather cooling down in Utah, it's the perfect light weight pair for a day at the park. Alexander and Sophia, are one of our favorite online shops here at The Little Lovelies, and their newest collection does not disappoint. I totally gravitate to easy pieces. This sweater is easy and a great piece to layer with, for the winter months that are head of us. Btw.. I really don't consider myself a blogger. When I describe myself that's probably something I wouldn't even consider. Haha.. it just felt a little cheeky, and I thought, what the heck, why not buy it? The pants are perfect, you can dress them up or wear them for a great day at the park. Hope ya'll have a great weekend.

xo, Laila 

Headband: CottonOn Kids
Top/Pants: Alexander & Sophia
Shoes: Old Navy
Sunnies: H&M (old) 


The Princess Millie Dress

I was really hoping to get this post up last month, Childhood Cancer Awareness month; I was really upset I didn't, but I think it's good to spread awareness any month of the year! Do you guys remember when we ran the Millie Princess Run during the summer? Honestly the funnest and most heart warming experience and were so honored to participate. Millie's Princess Foundation ran the event and did a wonderful job. After the 5K, we were approached by a women with Persnickety Clothing. She told me the story of this dress, designed by sweet Millie, the beautiful girl the race and foundation is named after. I instantly fell in love and new I had to get it. The dress is gold, the color representing Childhood Cancer Awareness. 

"In 2013, the creative and amazing cancer-fighter Millie Flamm joined forces with us to design and create an unforgettable outfit.  In the spirit of paying it forward, the proceeds from the outfit were donated to other families with childhood cancer.  In June 2013, we lost Millie to the battle she had so bravely fought, but her spirit lives on and continues to inspire us everyday.  
In 2014, Millie's best friend and fellow Childhood Cancer Warrior Cami has joined with us to create the 2014 Princess Millie Dress, with proceeds once again going to the families of those battling Childhood Cancer. We hope you will join with us to support Millie's Princess Foundation in this important and ongoing struggle against Childhood Cancer."
-Persnickety Clothing-

The minute I showed Taytum this dress, she shrieked with excitement. She couldn't wait to put it on and request royal treatment. Thanks so much for this gorgeous design Millie and Persnickety Clothing! We love this dress and the touching story behind it.
P.S. This dress came with a pretty, blue, fabric belt, but it somehow got left at my parent's house!:( We still love it, either way!

Bow: Little Kate Designs
Boots: Payless


Sparkle + Shine

Usually Fall is a time for deep, dark, rich colors but my little Indie is more of a sparkle and shine type of girl. This is our more subtle, casual, and actually fashionable version of a over the top "look at me I'm shining" look. These harem pants are a dream. They are so comfy and made so well. Like I've said before Mia from Benny Begonias can sew! I love that the pink lining in the pockets is exposed. So genius! I usually cringe when I see rhinestones on pants especially if they're on the back pockets. The studded fabric is gorgeous and perfect for my little girly girl. To go with the whole theme I had to pair these harems with some cute sparkly boots and a leather jacket. I'm loving the glossy finish on her jacket it totally fits in with the whole sparkle and shine look I was going for. Fall can be light and bright so don't store away all your Spring & Summer clothes. 
xo, fiti

 Jacket: H&M
Top: Wal Mart
Harems: c/o Benny Begonias
Shoes: Hand Me Downs